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The Guilty Act

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW THE GUILTY ACT R CITY OF SAULT ST MARIE DICKSON J y Appeal of the Court is concerned with offences variously referred to as statutory public welfare regulatory absolute liability or strict responsibility which are not criminal in any real sense y They relate to such everyday matters as traffic infractions in this appeal we are concerned with pollution y The city was charged that it did discharge deposited materials into a river that might impair the quality of the water in Cannon Creek and Root Rivery Cherokee dumped material to cover and submerge these springs and then placed garbage and wastes over such material y Dismissing the charge at first instance the Judge found that the City had had nothing to do with the actual disposal operations y On the appeal do novo Judge Vannini found the offence to be one of strict liability and he convictedy Required mens rea with respect to causing or permitting a discharg
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