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The Guilty Act

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Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW THE GUILTY ACT JAMES J y The appellant Vincent Martel Fagan was convicted by the Willesden magistrates of assaulting David Morris a police contestable in the execution of his duty of August 31 1967 y Appealed to quarter sessions y Now comes before the court on appeal by the way of case stated from that decision of quarter sessions y The sole question is whether the prosecution proved facts which amounted to an assaulty The appellant was reversing a motor car when Police Constable Morris directed him to drive the car forward to the kerbside and standing in front of the car pointed out a suitable place in which to park The appellant drove forward towards him and stopped it with the offside wheel on Morriss left foot Exchanging words the appellant then knew his car was on the constables foot The engine of the car stopped running Morris repeated several times get off my foot the appellant proceeded with Okay man okay and then slowly turned on the ignition of the vehicle an
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