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Western University
Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CAPACITYREGINA V PARKS Lamer CJC y Respondent attacked his parentsinlaw killing his mother in law with a kitchen knife and seriously injuring his father in law They were both asleep in bed 23 km from tat of the respondent who went there by car Respondent went to the nearby police station driving his own car devastated at what he had doney At the tril the respondent present a defence of automatism stating that at the time the incidents took place he was sleepwalkingy The year prior to the events was particularly stressful for the respondent His job stole some 30000 from his employer to which court proceedings were brought against himy Several members of his family suffer or have suffered from sleep problems such as sleep walking adult enuresis nightmares and sleeptalking y The respondent was charged with the first degree murder of Barbara Anne Woods and the attempted murder of Denis Woodsy First acquitted the respondent of first degree m
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