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Essay on Main Ideas

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Western University
Philosophy 2080
James Hildebrand

CRIMINAL LAW ESSAY ON THE MAIN IDEAS ANSWERABLE y Answerable is a near perfect term by which to raise the question of guilt or culpabilitymoral and legalconcerning both the bad direct effects and the bad side effects of actions one had directly intendedy I mean an accusation accompanied by an implicit invitation to respondchance to put things right y No doubt we are answerable for all bad things we cause intentionally one problem we are working to solve is whether unintentional sideeffects are in some way intention y In the fashion I have called oblique CULPABILITY y Someone answerable for sideeffects is not yet culpable y The answer is successful then the agent is no longer an appropriate object of blame or punishment for an intended act y One who has answered successfully is exculpated no guilt y An overall judgement of exculpability or inculpability is the final verdict made after all is said and done y Yet because they believe they acted justifiably all things considered they would not accept that they are culpable y They are regarded as intentional wrongdoers who are culpable for their acts SUMMARY SO FARy The agent having produced an actus reus is causally responsible for the various effects direct and side that follow y Moral responsibility exists that those caused events which have moral import for good or ill y There is answerability for the ill y Intentional behaviour is of the first importance in morality and the criminal law y Culpability is or is not arrived at if arrived at the punishment is deservedCONCRETELY IMPORTANT SIDEEFFECTSy Whether these purely normative sideeffects are themselves reasons against the conduct is puzzling and therefore controversial y Purely normative side effects certainly exists
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