Philosophy 1020 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Milesian School, Anaximander, Sophist

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20 May 2014

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Reading 1 questions: pages 3-16: early thinkers were driven by very specific puzzles . Thales suggested that water was the cause of all things which led to other philosopher"s opinions & views. Anaximander: aperion 1 thing was behind everything but he didn"t know what very vague, anaximenes: air cause of all things etc: what dominates homers conception of nature? . Hesiod altered the concept of gods & fate. He recognized the gods to a proper dependability. The step was taken by 3 milesian philosophers: thales, anaximander & anaximenes. Stopped asking who questions & started asking what/ how questions . Started to ask a new set of questions which led to many new ways of looking at things. Natural reason can figure out what is true about the world & it doesn"t need any help. A commitment to abstraction was behind experiences they"re certain patterns that work in reality. Abstraction: the capacity to see beyond & behind experiences.

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