Philosophy 1020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Invisible Pink Unicorn, Agnosticism, Axial Age

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Evolution of religion definition philosopher necessary and sufficient conditions. Axial age (800bce - 200bce): monotheistic, priestly, political, connected to morality. Abrahamic religions religions that believe in a single "god" Christian, judaism, islam 80% of population plural societies societies that have more than one religion. A set of featu(cid:396)es sp(cid:396)ead a(cid:272)(cid:396)oss a (cid:858)fa(cid:373)il(cid:455)(cid:859) (cid:449)ith (cid:374)o o(cid:374)e featu(cid:396)e p(cid:396)ese(cid:374)t in every member. Premise 1: god is (df. ) that being than which none greater can be imagined. Premise 2: other things being equal, a being that exists is greater than one that does not. In response to a(cid:374)sel(cid:373)(cid:859)s o(cid:374)tologi(cid:272)al a(cid:396)gu(cid:373)e(cid:374)t (cid:858)pe(cid:396)fe(cid:272)t isla(cid:374)d(cid:859) argument through parity of reasoning. We can apply the ontological argument for any imaginary, perfect object from the general way anselm is arguing, it can produce nonsensical results. But then anselm rebuts (cid:858)it o(cid:374)l(cid:455) (cid:449)o(cid:396)ks fo(cid:396) god (cid:858)that (cid:449)hi(cid:272)h (cid:374)othi(cid:374)g g(cid:396)eate(cid:396) (cid:272)a(cid:374) (cid:271)e i(cid:373)agi(cid:374)ed(cid:859) > the definition of god in intellectu in the mind in re in reality.