Philosophy 1305F/G Study Guide - Dwarkin

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
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April 3, 2013
(missed first 10mins)
o We should restrict the liberty of people in the pornography
industry to express freely
o Women in the pornography world are not equal
o Agrees with Mackinnon, but basically turns it against her
o The right to freely express ourselves, that is equality
Freedom of Speech
o Wants equality of freedom of speech
Page 537*
The domain of politics
o We don’t restrict certain people from expressing their views
Even convicts can vote (?)
Moral domain
Liberal society: if you silence a view, provided it is not obscene, you
have done a disservice to that society
Same Sex Marriage
Homosexual marriages are senseless because they do not last
o Neither do heterosexual relationships
Schulman p246
Some same sex couples cannot collect because they cannot marry,
and that is discriminatory
o We don’t want to discriminate, the discrimination argument
The utilitarian argument
o Same sex marriage fosters stable relationships
o Denying gay marriage to a minority is a kind of evil, but is
outweighed by the amount of evil that will come to heterosexual