Philosophy 1305F/G Study Guide - Publicly Funded Health Care, Health System, Distributive Justice

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Published on 12 Apr 2013
Western University
Philosophy 1305F/G
Philosophy February 11, 2013
Last Day:
Normal Functioning
Equality of opportunity?
How is this promoted effectively? (normal functioning)
Positive right to health care
o Libertarians do not think this fair
o Leads to a bottomless pit
o Certain utility calculations will lead to certain people not getting health care
o Utilitarianism does not protect minorities and people’s rights- perhaps not the best way
to go- does not have the universality of people’s rights
o Two principles that Rawl’s gives you
o Redistribution: some can do better than others; social and economic inequalities; some
are justifiable if there are to the advantage of the most disadvantaged; don’t have to be
equal RAWLS
o Health care system necessitates this
Libertarians want:
o You use it, you pay
Distributive justice
o A form which involves redistribution
o Not libertarian redistribution
o Publicly funded health care system
Problem with liberty:
o We don’t want to rob people of their liberty
o Page 561: “This expansive version of the appeal to equal opportunity ignores an
important fact about justice: our concern for equality must be reconciled with
considerations’ of liberty and efficiency in arriving at the overall requirements of justice
Page 562: restricting the scope
o Resources available to sustain entitlement
o Not just resources- also has something to do with whether you had some control over
the particular thing that you are inflicted with; whether you had a role in bringing it
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