Philosophy 2080 Study Guide - Final Guide: Meletus

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Think about the euthyphro, especially the apology and the crito. Meets socrates at the courts in athens: socrates is being charged for impiety. Euthyphro wants to prosecute his own father: his father unintentionally killed a hired hand. Socrates says that euthyphoro must know a lot about religion if he is willing to prosecute his own father on a charge that is in question: he replies by saying that he knows all things that are holy. Socrates asks euthyphoro for teachings on what is holy, as it may help him with his trial against meletus. Euthyphro: holiness is whatever is approved of by all gods: socrates: gods often disagree all gods may not be able to come to a unanimous judgement as to what is holy. What is holy cannot be the same thing as what is determined by the gods.

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