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Philosophy 1022E

RealismPlatoIdealism realismAnything we experience through our senses is colored by how our mind perceives it therefore cannot have access to external reality Only thoughts and ideas that originate in the mind can be immediately experiencedForms are real because they have certain properties that physical and images do notThe twicedivided line illustrates the gradations of realness The least to most realBottombeliefs and imagining half resides in physical world top halfforms and understanding resides in intellectualThe Cave makes metaphysical picture less peculiar Things that appear to be are not real things the real things are the things we do not have access to sensible things is like shadows and real thing is the people outside Once they come into real world it is coming to know formsHow objects and states of mind work togetherBelieves in universalsforms Hume Nominalism Opposing argument for Plato IdealismForms are not real because they are indeterminate objectsDoes not exist until we picture it in our mindsConcrete particles are real because everything in nature is individual Ie Triangle Occams razor keep things simple Both good theories for explaining the world but Plato uses particles and ideas while Hume uses only particles Individuals the real things are the real things in the world The Mind Body Problem Theories Monistic and DualisticMonisticMind and bodywholeSolutionsMaterialism Only body is real Mind may not even existThe body is goverened by material non mental causesIdealism We can only know of Body through Mind DualisticMind and bodyseparateSolutionsInteractionism Descartes Mind and body affect each other It effects causally Sometimes the mind affects the body sometimes the body affects the mindDescartes Cogito Ergo Sum I think therefore I amProblem Mind is not physical and exist separately from the body So how does the nonphysical mind affect the physical body and visa versa Descartes answer pineal glandOccassionalismMalbranche When mind and body interact God makes it happen solves problem of internationalism Problem Supposes God exist and has time to follow every single personParallelism Leigbiz Mind and body are synchronized by coincidence They do not affect one another
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