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Philosophy 1130F/G
Morgan Tait

Models of the heavens and Mars apparent retrograde motion Aristotles model of the cosmos simplified version Earth at the center immobileplanets are on spheres that rotate around the Earth They each are on separate spheres which explains that they all move with respect to the stars we see at night at different pacesthe first of these spheres that which contains all other spheres has a circular eternal motion It is the first mover The inner spheres have complex motions that account for irregularities we may see in the motion of the planetscf lecture notes about Maimonides text Maimonides thought that for Aristotle all spheres had to have a circular regular motion and all share a same immobile center the center of the Earth Thats the picture I told you in the tutorial but it is a simplified picture It is the one Maimonides seems to have of Aristotles system but Aristotle is more subtle than that and asserts that all bodies but the first sphere and the Earth have complex motions see lecture slides 1113 of the October 12 lectureAristotle justifies his model in different ways Among othersby looking for a first cause of motion and from that deriving properties of the first body the prime moverby invoking the impossibility of voidThe observation of elements water in particular on Earth show that they have to be placed spherically around a center because they tend to collect in more hollow places That behavior can be extrapolated to the entire cosmos which is then a sphere Heavy elements fall toward the earth By a similar extrapolation Aristotle
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