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April 8, 2013 Gay Marriage- Shulman p 250 Essence of Marriage  Connection of opposites which alone creates a new life  Whether or not a married couple does create a new life, is beside the point o If it is beside the point then he then subscribes to some notion of anatomical possibility o If he is saying it doesn’t ultimately matter whether they do so, as long as they have the possibility to do so, then he suggests that only opposites have the right anatomies in order to do this  “Men and woman can marry only because they belong to different, opposite, sexes. In marriage, they surrender those separate and different sexual allegiances, coming together to form a new entity. Their union is not a formalizing of romantic love but represents a certain idea- a construction, an abstract though- about how best to formalize the human condition” o The best way to continue on is the way we have always done things, man and woman  Doesn’t like people having sex outside of marriage, having children outside of marriage  “Marriage can only concern my connection to a woman (and not to a man) because, as my reference to concubinage suggests, marriage is an institution that is built around female sexuality and female procreativity. It exists for the gathering- in of a woman’s sexuality under the protective net of the human or divine order, or both.” o There is god, and god has a sense about the way the human condition should be, man and woman o The woman is protected by the marriage o Somehow the woman knows who her kid is because of the marriage o The woman has control of her body in the context of the marriage  “But with success of the gay liberation movement, it is women themselves, all women that will be hurt. The reason is that gay marriage takes something that belongs essentially to women, is crucial to their very freedom, and empties it of meaning” –p251  Cannot be a father to a pebble, or a brother to a puppy… o I cannot and should not be able to marry man (man) Rauch: For Better or Worse?  Anti-gayism is a form of racism!  People who are opposed to gay marriage are never going to admit that they are anti-gay, so instead they look for arguments that say same-sex couples should not be able to marry.  Therefore, in the end, there is simply nothing that be said except gays should not be able to marry. o You are leaning on no argument.  Children o Certainly not a good argument o Adoption, can even be biological (surrogate)  Those who are opposed to same sex marriage, recognizing that they can have children by other means, they need to come up with a better argument o The children argument isn’t a good enough one o New argument is no better:
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