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Western University
Philosophy 2073F/G
Tom Haffie

The University of Western Ontario Department of PhilosophyPhilosophy 153F DeathOffice Hours TBA InstructorRobert J Stainton Emailrstaintouwoca Class Days and Hours M W F 11301220 Web Site httppublishuwocarstainto Office Talbot 412 Phone ext 85770Students are responsible for following the Philosophy Department procedures included with this outline COURSE DESCRIPTIONThis course will examine the meaning and importance of human mortality We will bring philosophical methods to bear on some of the following questions about death What is it to be dead Is there any possibility that persons can survive their bodily deaths If so under what conditions Is death bad We will read contemporary and some classical philosophers on the subject of death with a view to making progress on these difficult and important questions Prerequisite noneAntirequisite Thanatology 111abCOURSE REQUIREMENTS First very short essay 1500 words 25 Due date TBA Second short essay 2000 words 35 Due date TBA Final exam 40REQUIRED TEXTSCourse packCOURSE CONTENTPart I Philosophical MethodologyLecture only No readingsPart II Epistemology Metaphysics and Death 1
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