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Western University
Philosophy 2074F/G
Dean Proessel

Sen- Self Interest  Against self-interest Salazar  Kantian  KANT o Talks about dignity and deontology Meeler  Utilitarianism Hobbes  Property right Arguments  Society brings out  Distribution Justice  Civil society brings peace and security  Contract simply doesn’t work in contract of the war. *Locke  Fundamental rights  Property mix the labour with the commons  Add value to commons then makes you entitle to it and become a property Smith  Supports Division labour, Supports self interest Marx  Against Division of Labour, Alienation  Against Locke’s idea. o Locke’s idea can be capitalism Aleienation of the  Labour  production itself  species  alienation from others Rawls:  Redistribution.  Original “Veil of ignorance.” o You are disadvantaged  you don’t know if you’re the minority or the majority o That’s why it is rational to have distribution because you don’t know what side you are. Therefore Rawl said it is not a violation of freedom.  Object of original of agreement is the principal of justice.  Kind of supports Kant’s idea of deontology. Nozick  Entitlement Theory  Takes Locke’s idea and develop more … Nozick idea is “if you aqcurie things justely then you are entitle to it, when you transfer to somebody then that person is entitle to what you transfer. So justice go all the way through.”  Examples o Weir Chamberlin o Compare to a person works a lot and compare to another that do not works at all. o Redistribution is by the state.. by taxing us. He think that’s it’s a violation of freedom. The government tax you is too take away some of you away.  3 Principal of Justice  Disagree with each other in different principal  Nozick Supports Locke point of view 1. Agrees on Liberty Principal 2. Difference Principal Wehane & Radin  She said if you're firing people you have to give them a reason, because youre not firing a robot. (They’re all human – Basic Human rights)  Wehane support “Due Process”  Wehane is wrong  Wehane Disagrees with Epstein o No you fire a person, yo
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