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Western University
Philosophy 2074F/G

DECEMBER 16TH 9 AM -3 hrs (may take 2) Tips: be as clear and concise as poss be careful to read instructions- whether choice, how long (choice b/c maybe not every article- but lottery that way) -up to 90% after the midterm- after midterm first- not any on social responsibility really -90% chance that international biz not going to be on there -look at basic stances authors take- ie their thesis, what's main point- big pic approach -when get into details- think about basic distinctions SECTION 1- 2 short answers- couple sentences, max paragraph- ie what's utilitarianism? what is the categorical imperative? SECTION 2- medium length, couple paragraphs SECTION 3- generic abstract level, worth more and take longer - maybe not choice but more general question SOME DISTINCTIONS/ TERMS: -liberal/ libertarian -consequentialism/ deontology -moderate/ extreme egoism -contractarianism- - social contract theory -veil of ignorance -entitlement theory of justice (Nozick says self-ownership) -autonomy vs coercion (auto=self in Greek- agency comes from w/in, something you decide- kinds of ads get into subconcious and control- quick food before movies) -strong vs weak AA (weak- tie breaker model) RECALL MARX'S PREDICTION 1. Capitalism will move into a period of overproduction 2. Wages will be reduced 3. The worker's pur
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