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Philosophy 2074F/G
Dean Proessel

ALBERT CARRIS BUSINESS BLUFFING ETHICALMost bluffing in business might be regarded simply as game strategymuch like bluffing in poker which does not reflect on the morality of the blufferThe ethics of business are game ethics different from the ethics of religionPressure to Deceive Most executives from time to time are almost compelled in the interests of their companies or themselves to practice some form of deceptionoNegotiation with customers dealers labour unions govt officials etcBefore any executive can make profitable use of the strategy of the bluff he needs to make sure that in bluffing he will not lose selfrespect or become emotionally disturbedThe Poker Analogy In poker it is right and proper to bluff a friend out of the rewards of being dealt a good hand It was up to the other fellow to protect himselfThe game calls for distrust of the other fellow It ignores the claim of friendshipCunning deception and concealment of ones strength and intentions not kindness and openheartedness are vital in pokeroNo one thinks any the worse of poker on that account And no one should think any the worse of the game of business because its standards of right and wrong differ from the prevailing traditions of morality in our societyDiscard the Golden RuleMost businessmen are not indifferent to ethics in their private lives everyone will agreeoMy point is that in their office lives they cease to be private citizens they become game players who must
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