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Philosophy 2074F/G
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THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIODEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHYPhilosophy 2074F BUSINESS ETHICSExam ReviewFinal Exam Dates confirmed Section 550 16 Dec 900 Section 002 21 Dec 900Review session A full twohour review will be held on December 1 550 and on December 2 002Exam descriptionThe final exam consists of two case studies with four questions eachYou will be required to answer three of four questions for each caseThe questions on the exam will be a mix of the kinds of questions I asked in other cases and the kinds of questions I posted on presentations during the first six weeks of class All the questions will be tied specifically to the caseThe length of each answer required will vary according to the context Use your judgmentThe performance and grading criteria for the final will be identical to the criteria explored in contributions to weekly discussion questions the midterm assignment and the term paper These were outlined in detailed and discussed in the Checking In session during Week 10Study TipsGuide your review with the learning outcomes outline at the beginning of each presentationYou should be able to describe the key concepts and theories listed below In the case of theories you should be able to explain their strengths and weaknesses and know when and how to apply them to case questions
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