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Business Ethics and Global Climate ChangeDenis Arnold and Keith BustosGlobal Climate ChangeIntergovernmental Panel on Climate ChangeoEstablished to assess the available information on climate change ad provide expert advice to the United NationsoIn response to the growing concern that GCCC could be worseningoRelied on expert scientists to produce reports used by policy makers scientists and other agenciesWhat is climate changeoSolar radiation enters the earths atmosphereoAtmospheric greenhouse gases trap some of the radiation as it travels back out of the atmosphereoThis retains heatoGreenhouse gases are produced by both natural and anthropogenic human activity processesoThere are natural processes to remove GHGs from the atmosphereHowever they have increased beyond the earths natural capacity to remove them from the atmosphereoCO is the most abundant GHG on earth2From burning fossil fuelsDoes not decompose easily 50200 yearsUS responsible for 24 of CO emissions in the last decade275 of atmospheric C0 comes from human activity2Other 25 from changes in land use deforestationoGlobally averaged surface temperatures have increased by 0602CoProjected an increase of 0102 per decadeEffects of climate changeoShrinking glaciersoLengthening of mid to high altitude growing seasonoPoleward Migration of plant and animal rangesoDeclines of some plant and animal populationsoAltered weather patternsoRisk of droughts and floodsoRise in the mean sea leveloRisk of species extinctionoDecrease in biodiversityImpacts of future climate changes will be disproportionately borne by the worlds pooroA countrys ability to cope and adapt depend on wealth available technology access to information skills infrastructure access to resources and management capabilitiesHuman systems that are highly susceptibleoWater resources agriculture forestry fisheries energy production industry insurance other financial services human health2001
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