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Morality Money and Motor CarsNorman E BowieBusiness has special obligations to protect the environmentoBUT NOT over and above what is required by lawBusiness has a moral obligation to avoid intervening in the political arena in order to defeat or weaken environmental legislationObligationsMoral ObligationsoMany businesses have violated moral obligationsResulted in severe negative impact on the environmentoExample Exxon Valdez oil tankerInsufficiently trained crewman was piloting while the captain was down below drinkingMorally at fault if the company policies were this laxMorally negligentViolated its moral obligation to use due care and avoid negligenceIf company policies were not lax then they are only legally at faultoExample Exxon Cleanup ProceduresInadequate cleanup proceduresLegal ObligationProcedures to be implemented properlyMoral ObligationNot to lie to the government and say that clean up policies are in accord with regulationsoCan be morally negligent but not violate a special obligation to the environmentoBusiness firms and officials have moral obligations to obey the law avoid negligent behavior and tell the truthLegal ObligationsoBusinesses have an obligation to obey the lawIncluding environmental lawsoEnvironmentalists do not need to say that businesses have a special obligation to the environment to protect the environment against illegal business activityNeed only insist that business obey the lawsAlthough business decisions have harmed the environment these decisions have violated no environmental moral obligationsExample If a corporation is negligent for providing worker safetyoCorporation isnt violating a special obligation to employeesoIt is violating its obligation to avoid negligent behaviorBusinesss ResponsibilitiesEnvironmental IssuesoExcessive use of natural resourcesoExternalities of productionCondition If the business has special knowledge and greater expertise than other constituent groups in societyoPresent Then the business has greater responsibility to mitigate the environmental crisis
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