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Philosophy 2074F/G

Social and Economic Justice 4/13/2012 6:52:00 PM Broad Categories of Distributive Justice  Egalitarian theory o Egalitarian theorists believe that individual differences are morally insignificant for the purposes of distributive justice o There may be some basis for unequal distribution of some goods while others are to be distributed equally o Radical egalitarian theory – calls for equality in all things o Qualified egalitarian theory – calls for a graded approach to equality  Libertarian theory o Libertarian theories place priority on individual rights and liberties when making decisions of distributive justice o Libertarian theorists care about the way in which economic outcomes are achieved and not about the outcome of economic transactions o The only actions that can be taken against an individual in the interests of justice are those that work to ensure free and fair transactions o Robert Nozick’s theory of distributive justice and Milton Friedman's theory of social justice are libertarian theories  Communitarian theory o Communitarian theories claim that the nature of a community as a whole determines the nature of justice o It follows that it is misguided to look at the nature of individuals in order to come up with a theory of justice o States that the community may be right in imposi
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