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Western University
Philosophy 2500F/G

PossibleExamQuestions1Explain the difference between the strong and weak conceptions of knowledge2Provide an example of a Gettier case How does the case undermine the traditional concept of knowledge3Why are Gettier cases problematic for the weak conception of knowledge but not for the strong conception4How can the weak conception of knowledge be modified to deal with Gettier cases5Why might we consider the weak conception of knowledge to be superior to the strong conception6Why might we consider the strong conception of knowledge superior to the weak conception7What is the lottery paradox How is it supposed to undermine the weak conception of knowledge8Explain the epistemic regress problem9Explain foundationalism coherentism and infinitism10Why must all justification be conditional for the infinitist11How does the foundationalist avoid the epistemic regress problem12Explain the justification dilemma for foundationalists13Explain the experience dilemma for foundationalists14How does the coherentist avoid the regress problem15According to the coherentist how do we accommodate the deliverances of experience within our system of beliefs16Why will the coherenist seem to have a problem in identifying their belief systems17Explain the problem of isolated belief systems for coherentism18Explain the structure of an inductive argument and provide an example of an argument that has that structure19Explain why induction is so fundamental to scientific knowledge20Explain Humes fork
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