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Philosophy 2500F/G

POLITICS – LOCKE  All of our basic problems arise from a general conflict of interests  Insubordination needed to establish a social contract and civil authority  Start from truthful foundations and you can buil something more certain  We are all equal in the SON – natural distinctions, some may be born into inferiority  We are all equal because we’re God’s property, we have a duty to understand this  We can’t own people, must treat them as equal because we’re God’s property  Natural law you have no right to commit suicide because you can’t damage someone else’s property  Only have the right to proportional punishment because we are all equal, it’s the same for all of us – everyone can escape the SON  People keep their contracts i the SON because it’s reasonable to do so  Punishments are never justly proportionate which is hwy we need civil government  SON is very inconvienient and that is why we need to escape the SON we have natural inclinations towards truth and honesty in the SON – God grants us this  People stay incl
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