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Philosophy 2700F/G

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Phil 2700F Final NotesMuch of moral philosophy focuses on the relationship between obligationright and valuegoodObligationRight refers to actions that permissible and comparing them to impermissible onesValueGoodrefers to evaluating states of affairsBenthamConsequentialismYou only figure out what your obligation is once you know what is valuable or good because it produces the most valuable states of affairsThe priority of the good over the rightBentham believes that the right is derivative of the goodTheoryoftheGoodHedonismHedonism in the everyday sense is irrelevant to philosophical viewThe philosophical view refers to things that people enjoyPleasure is the higher good everything is instrumentally valuable whether it be an end result of notGood PleasureBadPainA psychological hedonist is someone that pursues pleasure and avoids painEthical Hedonist says that pleasure is valuable and pain is invaluableHedonismasaValueTheoryWhat gives you pleasure could be something selfish or have other regardsWe should be nonjudgemental of pleasures because the only way to justify pleasure is pleasure itselfTyingHedonismtotheclassShould we say that some pleasures are good and bad or should be nonjudgemental Dworkins antihedonist challenge model says notImpact model vs Challenge ModelVirtuousExcellenceExampleCompare an aid worker in Haiti to a celebrityBenthamHedonist would argue that celebrity life is better because they can achieve maximum pleasure and that virtue is irrelevantAntiHedonist would say aid worker may be happier because it is more virtuousDetailsaboutBenthamValue is determined by the quantity of pleasure but some of our pleasurespains outweigh othersHe justifies his view through quantitative math or Hedonist CalculusPleasure X Factor ValueVariablesIntensityDurationCertaintyPropinquity NearnessEvil ReligionFecundity doing it will equal more pleasure laterPurityis it a mix of pleasure and painExtent of people The outcome determines our actions or how we value someones lifeFor Bentham Pleasure and happiness are used interchangeably When assessing Hedonisms as a value theory we can revisit the experience machineA Hedonist would enter the machineUtilitarianismBentham is a utilitarianThe rightness or wrongness of each action is determined by the principle of utilityCritiquesAct utilitarianism provides max utility but may be the wrong thing to do
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