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Ryan Robb

Media Mimicking 11/13/2012 9:19:00 AM The Troubling Outcome of a Media Hoax  The Facts – G. Whitehouse o Tarandeep Gill creates a website for a fictitious research group specializing in online IQ test which claimed to have done a study correlating IQ scores with internet browser use  The findings ‘AptiQuant research’ claimed to have produced showed that those with high I.Q.’s used Camino, Opera, and I.E. with Chrome Frame; the mid level I.Q.’s used Chrome, Firefox, and Safari; and the bottom group used earlier version of I.E. o Following its first posting on July 26, 2011 until August 3rd, the research from AptiQuant was re-posted, re-tweeted and relied upon as a source in stories by major media outlets without any verification of the quality of the research o Once the hoax was exposed, Gill posted an apology and explained that he was motivated by the problems his online business had been having owing to compatibility problems with earlier versions of I.E.  He also posted a checklist of reasons the posted research should have been questioned o The ethical dilemma the hoax reveals is that we are more likely to accept a story as truthful without sufficient evidence if it reflects our existing worldview  Analysis – L. Millner o The real reason the story spread so quickly was not because the information fit an existing worldview but was because people like to compare themselves to others, we want to know where we fit in the chart o Instead of asking questions about the information, journalists were asking how they themselves would be perceived if they failed to make the report when their competitors were  The journalists’ focus in this comparison is on speed, not accuracy; a problem exacerbated by the practice of ‘re-tweeting’  Without any further work on the part of the journalist, a ‘re-tweet’ has no value other than allowing them to feel as though they’ve matched up to the speed of their competition  Analysis – H. Lowe o The hoax shows that individual journalists did not perform their verification tasks, traditional media outlets sacrificed their integrity for the story, and the whole mess was compounded by the speed of twitter o What was revealed was the willingness of the media to pursue immediate success without concern for how that success is achieved o Journalists should not be retweeting if they are not willing to stand by the information they pass along  Analysis – W. Wyatt o What standards ought to be
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