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Western University
Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

THE FOUR LOVES – CS LEWIS FRIENDSHIP  Friendship seemed the happiest and most fully human of all loves  Few value it because few experience it  Friendship is the least natural of loves  The moment two men are friends they have in some degree drawn apart together from the herd  Friendship; it is a relation between men at their highest level of individuality. It withdraws men from collective togetherness  More dangerously for it withdraws them by twos and threes  To say these are my friends implies those are not  Lovers are always talking to one another about their love; friends hardy ever talk about their love  Friendship is the least jealous of loves  For in this love to divide is not to take away  Friendship exhibits a glorious nearness by resemblance  Lovers seek for privacy. Friends find this solitude about them – the first two would be glad to find a third  The man who agrees with us that some question little regarded by others is of great importance can be our friend  We picture lovers face to face but friends side by side; their eyes look ahead  Friendship is both a possible benefactor and a possible danger to the community
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