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Philosophy 3601F/G
Michael Fox

LOVE - Read for Next time Acquinas p 171-184 and the Montaigne 187-199 and Bacon 202-207 MIDTERM - Platos lysis, Aristotles Nichemenian Ethics, Book 8 Chapters 1-6, Vanauken A Severe Mercy 6 essay topics and we must choose 3 Lewis - General overview of Storge, Philia, Eros and Agape • not working from any precise definition but trying to be experiential VANAUKEN • more experiential by seeing how he exemplifies the four loves • he does touch on each of these kinds of loves PLATO and ARISTOTLE • philia in terms of friendship • looking at Aelred in terms of a neo-platonic reference to friendship • looks at philia and agape to see if there could be a wedding together between the two • Acquinas - tries to develop a reconciliation between the two as well PLATO • from the way he defines friendship in the context of charity there seems to be a kind of overlap between the two • with friendship we are intimate in that we fearlessly intrust our hearts and our secrets and are bound together by this - charity does not require that of us • friendship is a kind of charity in reference to the specific characteristic of intimacy can bad people be friends with one another plato says that friendship is always • connected to the good, if you love evil than
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