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JP2 - Fides et Ratio, Midterm Review.docx

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Western University
Philosophy 4990A/B
Michael Fox

JP2 MIDTERM – FAITH AND REASON  The source of all truth and beauty is God and everything is object in reference to him  Natural revelation: truth and reason  Supernatural Revelation: the truth of faith  God moves in man to bring them to salvation, this is the ultimate goal  We desire to be in communion with god  Existential angst – we yearn for a connection with the divine  Love is a function of knowledge, in order to become one you must learn as much as you can  You assent to your beloved and revel in the authenticity of your relationship  You have to do that which fulfills you, you’re free when you do that makes you happy  Divine providence: God never puts you in a situation he doesn’t think you’ll be able to handle  Suffering is a key part of success – looks at reality is the person of Jesus not a dogma  Triangle of god, god – faith – reason: this is the way that God calls us into deeper communion  Reason enables us to grow closer to God, faith serves reason  BAD PHILOSOPHIES - Eclecticism: taking random sentences and not analyzing them in their proper context - Historicism: something may have been good years ago, but bad now. Historical perspective - Scienticism: idea that we are better to not discuss human nature and negative ramifications
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