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Philosophy 1020 Philosophy Midterm Review.docx

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Philosophy 1020
John Thorp

1020 Philosophy Midterm ReviewPhilosophy of Religion THE ONTOLOGICAL ARGUMENTArgument for the existence of GodAnselms Argument P1 God is a being in which no greater can be imagined P2 Other beings being equal a being that exists is greater than one that does notC God does existGods that are alike except one exists and one does not but is imaginaryGod must be real in order to fit the definition of being that which nongreater can be imagined God exists in thought Thinking about Gods existence requires God to existObjectionAnselms argument is invalid if one changes the rhetoricReply Argument works for God because it is the definition of Godhard argument to disprove due to its close relationship to human reasoning COMOLOGICAL ARGUMENTto do with the study of the world and universeAquinas Five Ways1 Changemotion Whatever is moved is moved by another this cant go to infinity there must be an original mover2 CausationEverything has a cause nothing can be the cause of itself there must be a first causer3 Necessity Everything that exists is contingent must be a time with nothing existed things exist now something must exist finitely4 Gradation More and less require most and least there are degree to everything there must be an ultimate degree of perfection 5 Governance of the World Intelligent and unintelligent natural bodies act toward an end unintelligent natural bodies must have the end dictated to them by a being endowed with intelligence TELELOGICAL ARGUMENTthAquinas 5 way Paleys WatchIf you see a watch it is an intelligent device to serve purposeful end We infer that watch is made by an intelligent watch marker The universe is also an intelligent design to serve a purposeful end we assume it was made by an intelligent universemakerCriticisms 1 HUME Unintelligent design the universe isnt an intelligent design it has many flaws
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