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PhilosophyStudyNotes11122012ReligionChristianity is the largest world wide religion with islam and hinduism followingAtheist people who choose not to believe Nonreligious people people who do not careThe three Abrahamic religions comprise 53 of the world population christianity islam judaismNonreligious plus the atheists make up about 20 of the world populationMany of the worlds major conflicts are defined by religious differences war on terrorjihad palestine sudan indiapakistan irelandWhat IS religionHow do we define itThe Idea of DefinitionTraditional we understand defining something as giving its necessary and sufficient conditionsEx the definition of bachelor is unmarried maleThat is anything that is a bachelor is an unmarried maleand anything that is an unmarried male is a bachelorNecessary and sufficient conditionsunmarried is a necessary condition of bachelormale is a necessary condition of bachelortherefore unmarried and male are sufficient conditions of being a bachelorEssencedefinitionnecessary and sufficient conditionsEssence of Religion belief faith in the unprovable supernatural God or gods awe individual and private affair
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