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Physics 1301A/B

Pl11 finalexamDecember2000 1. Twoblocks arereleasedfrom restwhilein contaclon a roughinclined plane at30' to theho zontal.Theupper block,mass1.0kg, hasa surface incontactwiththeinclinedplane with a coeffrcient f kineticfricdon0.4. Thelowerblock,rlass2.0 kg, hasa surfacein contactwith fte inclined plane withcoefficient f kineticfiicti0.5. Theblocksstayin contact a) what is theaccelerationof the blocks? b) what is thecontactforcebetweenthe blocks? 2. A tennisplayer hitsa tennisball.0 m ftom the ground. Theitritialv€locitisdirectedhodzortally. The ball hitstheground 11.0m awaytiom the playerafterpassingover a.0m high ner thatis 6.0 m horizontallyfromtheplayer. a) How long doesii takefor the ball to reachtheround? b) whar wasthemagnitudeof the finalelocityof theball? c) If fte balls a massof 0.4 kg and thetennismcketwasin contactwith it for 1/20second,whatwastheaveragefolce appliedby theracketto the ball? mass hungdown from a spdng (k=60 N/m) which is attachedto theceiling at its other end. The lergth 3. A 3.0 kg is unstretched ofthe springis 50 cm. a) How far from lhe ceiling is the masswhenboth the springandmassarecompletelystationary? b) Themassisdlen pulled downuntil it i119cm from flreceilingandthenit is releasewith an initiadownward velocityof 0.5 m/s. How far from theceilingisthemass whenit first comesto a momentarystop? 4. A 400 kg horseis pullinga ropethatpasses over a light, frictionlessey to a 100kg tnassthat is hangingdown. Ioitially thehorseispulling at a constantpeed0.5 m,/s. a)what is the tensionltherope? b) What power doesthehorse produce (assume 100%efficient). Give your answer in waus. c)whar is the minimum coefficientof staticfriction betweenthehoovesandthe ground? d) Ifthecoefficienof statictictionwereincreased!o 0.5 andtlrchorsewere!o accelerate at 1.0ms calcul4te lhetensionin therope. e)Calculatethemagnitudeof the ftictionforce inpart(d). 5. Mass,A,3kg, is movingwith a constantvelocity,4.0i'+ 2.0j m/s. Affer a collisionwitha secondmass,B 2., kg, thevelocity of massAis j 2.0 i+ 1.0 m/s. MassB wasinitiallystationary. a) Calculatethevelocityofnass B afterthecollision.[Jnitvector qotatioo] b) Wasthecollisionelasticor non-elastic.Explain why. grinding inertia grinding 6, A wheelstartsfrom restandacceleratets o 3000rpm in 8,9 se
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