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Physics 1301A/B

[Iniversity of Waterloo Department ofPhysics PHYSICS111 - MIDTERM TEST - FALL}OAI Saturduy, October 20r 2001.2:00 - 4:00pm Aidspermitted:Non-programmablcalculator ITIAME: ID: SECTIONZ 6o7 IMPORTAI\T INSTRUCTIONS _READ CAREFULLY TO AVOID PENALTY 1.Mark yourname,ID andsectionnumbein thespaceabove 2. Mark youranswersheein darkLEAD PENCIL only. Avoierasuresby checking answersbeforemarking themAlso fiIlthecorrectovaforyourID number, section(e001) 3. KEEP YOUR COMPUTER 4. Print CARD FACE DOWN WHEN NOT IN USE name,ID in theupperight of thecompusheet. 5. Usethe spaceavailablethisaperforyoursolutions(undthequestionor back of therevioupage).HAND IN BOTH COMPUTER SHEET AND THIS pApER. 6- Checkthattheexamhas12questions.Allquestionarof equalvalue,sdon'tet hungup andmisstheeasyquestions. 7. Thereisnopenaltyfomarking incorrectansweGuessifyou mustIn factplease mark oneanswerforeachquestioevenifou mustguess.(Thissaveahanrl searchforossiblanswersthathavebeenmarkedtoo lightlHOWEVER, in generalyourwork onthe exampaper shouldthe examcard and you your answerthatyou givon the mark choicehere aswelIn thiwflV,ifou accidentty choosethewrong answeron the cardrw€ rvilableto seethiinyourrough work. 8. Ask aproctoto clariaquestioifyouthink thatnecessary. 9- Assume anydatathaisgivenis accuratetmany figuresasineecled.Ignoreany round-oferrorandpicktheclosest. Physics111Mid-term test October2001 Page2 of 8 1. A personwalks along a circularpathof 3.00 metreradius, one quarterof the way round. What is the magnitude of the displacementvector? a)1.62 metre f b) 1.63metre I cJ.2.89metre I 4.24 V Qy" metre e)5.70 metre JI \ rtri V i d (, 2. What is the magnitudeof thevectorsumof the two vectors 4.00 i + 2.00 j metreand 3.00i + 5.00 j metre? a)4.0 metre b) 6'0 metre /' c)7.0 metre / v 98.0 metre q e.e metre Physics111 Mid-termrestOctober 2001 Page 3 of 8 3. A tennis player strikes a ball when it is 2.00 m abovethe ground, with a velocity 19.00 m/s at 20.00 degreesabove thehorizontal. The netis5.00m away horizontally andit is L.20m high. How high verticallyabove thener does the ball pass? a)0.236 m b) 0.734m 6)2.24 m d) 2.60m e) 4.91 m "!{ /.E t ' - rt -n,1 / rt'AI I I,,,0 l t" ,,,1r +' rJ 4. A car starts from restandacclerates at a constant rate. During the fourth seconcl the car travels14.0m. Calculate the acceleration. 0 +.oo ms2 b) 4.20 ms2 -\J',' c) 4.40 , ) '/^/Y r --J2' * ?#e* I ms2 \/ l/, I d) 4.60ms2 \ - e) 4.80ms2 'i1' d'Tl" V nA': "4--' &' :n1y I ( 2N t'{'' I *)r ( - l- : i /r i'{ >'L \lo \\Jfd/ J ;;* \o I - ' i' t\ir' \ L ,q{.*' - ' -n -J v g v1 t f { \ , Vu 0'. '{* t' I ! i ,,r---, -- ,l]r.^ t i ' t Physics 111Mid-termtest October200L Page4 of 8 5. An airplanehas valocity of 360.00km/h relativeto still airAt the sametime, a wind blows northwardwith a speedof 90.00 km/h relative to earth. The airplaneis moving in a north westerlydirectionrelativeto earth. Find the speed of the airplanerelativeto earth. / iil 406km/h @ qt8 km/h c) 443 km/h V d) 718 km/h e) 774 km/h / t 1 -:"-"".--'--' ;in ft, ' $ m -{# '"p$iJ''t. v:tt7cl {lKnA (--!
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