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Study Guides for Physics 1021 at Western University (UWO)

WESTERNPHYS 1021Lara BraitsteinWinter

Physics 1021 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Electric Dipole Moment, Electric Potential Energy, Mechanical Equilibrium

OC8191420 Page
22 Apr 2013
Rm quiz 14 and 15 (mc-12-wn-001) an object is attached to a horizontal spring. It is initially displaced by a given distance from the equilibrium posit
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WESTERNPHYS 1021Martin Zinke- AllmangFall

Reading Material Quiz Answers - Fall.docx

OC8191430 Page
22 Apr 2013
Forces (mc-01-ad-001) physics is applied to biological and physiological systems both at a macroscopic and at a microscopic level. The textbook provide
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WESTERNPHYS 1021Mahi SinghFall

[Physics 1021] - Final Exam Guide - Ultimate 24 pages long Study Guide!

OC43556724 Page
29 Nov 2016
Aim: to understand why objects move around us. Pay attention to vocabulary difference between physics and everyday life. Going from one place to anothe
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WESTERNPHYS 1021Lara BraitsteinWinter

Physics 1021 Study Guide - Final Guide: Elastic Energy, Electric Dipole Moment, Electric Potential Energy

OC8191410 Page
22 Apr 2013
Responds with change of shape to external forces. The response to stretching is stress and strain. Stress: a force exerted per unit area of surface of
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