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Physiology 1021

Phys Midterm 3 ReviewRenal SystemNephrons What the renal system is forKidneysfilter blood via nephron each nephron is involvedBlood filters into the kidney multiple times gets shit doneOnly filtration occurs in the nephronKnow how blood is suppliedremoved from the nephronFiltration always occurs from glomerular capillaries to the bowmans capsule unidirectionalEach nephron has its own system of tubulesWhatever is left over from collecting duct is excretedKnow basic properties of tubulesDistinguish between cortical and juxtamedullary nephrons All nephrons renal corpuscles are located in the cortex and loops go through the medullaKnow the order of blood flow to the kidneyKnow the order of where the filtrate travels to the tubule sectionsKnow the barriers of filtrationpodocytes endothelial cells basal laminathey prevent large macromolecules from being filteredFiltrationMain component of blood being filtered is plasmano blood cellsKnow the compounds that can be filtered which purifies the blood and maintaining certain levelsKnow whats reabsorbed whereMajority of water reabsorbed is in the proximal tubule as is most of the glucoseCalculate net filtration pressure and what each force favors and representsPTT promotes filtration GCBC
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