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Western University
Physiology 2130
Kim Luton

1 THE UNIVERSITY OF WESTERN ONTARIOPHYSIOLOGY 130DATE April 12nd 2008 FORMAT 3 Hour Markex ExamDIRECTIONS FOR COMPLETING THE ANSWER SHEETUse a PEN for your signature and a PENCIL for the other information Print your name the course name and the course numberUnder the heading STUDENT NUMBER record all nine digits of your student numberAlso FILL IN THE OVALS UNDER THE NUMBERS COMPLETELYSECTION digits and ovals must be filled in The section digits to be used for this exam is 130 Under the heading CODE enter 001To answer the multiple choice questions use an HB pencil to completely fill the ovals on the answer sheetUse a white nylon eraser to entirely remove any mistakesCalculators are allowed QUESTION BOOKLETquestions Please make sure that this booklet contains 99Hand in this booklet along with the answer sheet when you have completed the testFill in the information requested belowN A M E TAs name 2DIRECTIONS Each of the questions or incomplete statements below is followed bythat is BEST five suggested answers or completionsSelect the ONEin each case and blacken the appropriate space on the Scantron sheet1 In order for a muscle to contract which of the following events must occurA Calcium ions Ca must be released from the sarcoplasmic reticulum B Troponin must roll off the actin binding sites so cross bridges can form C ATP will attach to actin to cause tropomyosin to move off the myosin binding sites D Acetylcholine causes the crossbridges to release and the muscle to relax E Both B and D are correct 2 Which of the following contributes to the pacemaker potential in the SA node cells of the heartA Increased leakage of K out of the pacemaker cells B Ca leaking into the pacemaker cells C ChlorideionsCl leaking into the pacemaker cells D Na leaking out of the pacemaker cells E Both B and D are correct3 An increase in cardiac output can be produced by all of the following EXCEPT A An increase heart rate B An increase stroke volume C The release of acetylcholine onto the pacemaker D Activation of the sympathetic nervous system E An increase in preload 4 Which one of the following statements is INCORRECTA Oxygen is transported in the blood mainly bound to hemoglobincontent of the systemic arterial blood is lower than in venous B The CO2bloodin the C Oxygen delivery in the peripheral tissue occurs due to the low PO2tissue resulting in oxygen unloading from the hemoglobin D There is more oxygen dissolved in plasma than carbon dioxide E The amount of oxygen bound to hemoglobin decreases as body temperature increases
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