Physiology 1021 Study Guide - Postcentral Gyrus, Lamellar Corpuscle, Primary Motor Cortex

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Intro: the sensory systems in the human body process information related to vision, hearing, taste, smell and balance: describe the divisions of the nervous system. The cns consists of what two things: brain, spinal cord. What are the four view of the brain: dorsal (top, ventral bottom, lateral (sides, medial (middle) Posterior caudal (behind or towards the back) Conclusion: all important terminology contrary to the brain. Planes through the brain are what 3 things: midsagittal, horizontal, coronal. Conduct for information to and from the brain. Conclusion: easy way to remember is making it into an acronym tel die mes. Human receptors are classified into the these types: If we were to drop the glass in the midline of the brain, what two things will you see: white mater axons live, it"s white because of the myelin, gray matter are neurons. Each segment has a pair of spinal nerves (one left, one right)