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Political Science 1020E Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Kwame Anthony Appiah, Napoleon, Robert A. Dahl

Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Bruce Morrison
Study Guide

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JG Herder
Natural and durable, nations develop from an objective foundation like religion
Anthony Smith
Nations build from objective foundation but not all groups with objective foundation
become a nation
Adam Smith and David Ricardo
Wealth of nations, allow markets, small state
Marx and Friedrich
Economy is the key to rest of society by determining class form and the nature of the
Marx: The restless bourgeoisie, globalism is part of expansion of capitalism
Liberal democracy: purely economic ‘Power Elite’
Theories of representation: Trustee Superior, independent judgement, pick a person
then get out of the way
Plural voting, let some people have more votes
Robert Dahl
Western Polyarchie:
1. Rule of law
2. Competition
3. Increasing participation
Napolean bonaparte
Made referendum and got popular vote and threaten people who were voting
Kwame Appiah
History may have made us what we are but the choice of a slice of the past in a period
before your birth as your own history is exactly that: a choice
Max Weber
Monopoly of coercion within a given territory
Joseph Schumpter
Democracy about procedure not goals
People dont rule - they are the producers of government (Choose competent)
Competitive elitism
Clear constitutional constraints
Separation of powers (president separate from legislature, aristotle had the idea but
didn't have institutions)
Domination + legitimacy = authority
Eric Hobsawn
Political nationalism tradition is invented ex. Teaching french in schools in france
Benedict Anderson
“Imagined community” its all in your head
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