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Political Science 1020E Midterm: Notable figures

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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones
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Notable figures
Desuitt de Tracy
“Science of Ideas”: how social ideas work and relate to one another to improve the rationality
of the social discourse; truth, progress
Edmund Burke
Human Nature
People are not perfectible they are creatures of habit
Social Fabric society as a web of relations equalling more that the sum of its parts
Organic conception of society not a social contract
Sacred intergenerational covenant
Liberty should act in accordance with society’s laws and traditions
Revolution vs Reform
Revolution as an unpredictable, wholesale changing of society
Elected natural elite that is a trustee of all those who voted for him, against him, or not at all
Joseph De Maistre
Return to “Throne and Altar” after the Revolution
Counter-enlightenment; against the appeal to natural rights and the perfectibility of man
Image of the executioner; scaffold as altar
Albert Hirstman
Rhetoric of reaction
Trying to change things by revolution will either lead to the opposite of what was intended, not
change anything at all, and will put the older benefit in jeopardy
Pope Pius IX
Syllabus of Errors really just a big FUCK no to advancement and separation of the state from
the Church
Wordsworth, Coleridge, et al.
Romantic harkening of agricultural England as a response to the Industrial Revolution
Benjamin Disraeli
British PM
Conservative in practice
Tories needed the votes from the working class granted them the vote and improved working
conditions in order to win their support
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