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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Question: Yes (&key example/argument): No (&key example/argument): 1. Is Canadian Political Culture Paul Nesbitt-Larking: The Michael Adams: Becoming Americanized? Problem of Americanization – Canada and the USA –Separated Elephant/Bear metaphor, adopt at Birth – some American values, but not American beginnings –slaves, all, and also adopt values of separate from British, no other countries religious affiliation Canadian beginnings –no slaves, with the British, religious roots -different origins of citizenship -growing gap since 1990s 12. Should Religious Beliefs be Justice Mary Saunders: Iain T. Benson: Excluded from Consideration of -example of the books in publics -books in public schools (BC) – Public Policy? schools –secularism is the secularism is NOT the same as mandate of the school neutrality 13. Should Representation in Tom Schouls: Why Group John H. Redekop: Group Parliament Mirror Canada’s Representation in Parliament is Representation would be Social Diversity? Important – Dysfunctional in Canada – Representation can only be Practical complications; achieved when shared social Increase sociological traits are present fragmentation 6. Is the Prime Minister too Hugh Melon: Exploring the Paul Barker: Limits on the Power Powerful ? Breadth of Prime-Ministerial of the PM – Power— Ministers individual ambition, Influence over appointments, PM cannot control his MPs, debate, policy directions, foreign virtual competition policy, media coverage, campaigns, and political party 14. Are the Media Politically Lydia Milijan: Political Bias in thePaul Barker: A Bias, But Not a Biased? Media
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