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Political Science
Political Science 1020E

Globalization and GOD - Why does religion matter o Challenges to secularism – qubec mayor ; montreal gym and religious schools o Religious based politics resurgent – tea party movement; terrorist organization; middle eat o Grassroot actor ; churches mosque groups etc; poverty and other social justice organizations o Religious leaders + state o Religious leader + terrorists o Religious leaders + TOC o Religious leaders + NGOs - Religious actors & religion inspired actors are driven y oral ethical and spiritual imperatives o Often have a written text and code driving their actions o Seek to redress social justice o As akways played a role in signicant political events changes  Reformation = battle over the role ofreligionn in politics and society  Treaty of Westphalia = agreement on respecting t he religious preferences of other states –“ basts for sovereigntyÈ  Colonialism = bring the correct religion to the native people & justify their brutal mistreatment o Has always played a rolein significant political events/ changes  Americanand French constitution = separate state from religion  Marxist revolutions = separate/ suppress/ eliminate religion as the opiate of the ma
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