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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Poli Sci Review Comparative Politics  Comparison is involved, we need to know what is similar between things or different  Look at definitions in the textbook they are concise and important.  Patterns, what patterns are noticed in political participation etc.  Relationships  What are the different approaches, the ideas in political science come from theoretical approaches. Know the different approached and the ideas related to them.  Remember the key thinkers. Those that come up in the book and in the textbook. E.g. (Weber, Hegel, Von Rank) Theoretical Approaches  What are all the theoretical approaches, what are their names?  What do each of them focus on and analyze?  How do they understand politics? Research Strategies  Define each approach and know the basis of each approach. Why would we do it this way e.ge case study is very in-depth  HOW would we carry out each of these strategies.  What is the connection of research strategies to comparative politics? The State  What were the key events in terms of the state? What about the formation of the state.  The key processes of each event.  Types of state, know definition. Democracy  Types of democracy  What are the patterns within democracy?  The “visions” from each form of democracy. How do people in each type of democracy see the world? How do they conceptualize it?
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