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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Nigmendra Narain

Whats the PointDifference Content comparative and Global Politics Clickers Info on OWL site register it on OWLReading Quizzes lectures and readings do many but only selectof high scores TextbookHague and Harrop Political ScienceGlobal Politics From Treaties to Twitter Nig Narain Come with clickerComparative PoliticsSubfield in political scienceMethod comparison comparing bieber to PSYAgents individuals states institutions etcStructures capitalism states development etc KPopRelationship between agentsstructures Will they eventually changeVariety of approaches Institutional ApproachGoverning institutions the institutions that design lawsFoundationbaseline statecraftDistinguishing from other disciplines knowledgesFormal political science ControversialLiberal democraciesInstitutions Government policeInstitutionalisation rule of law votingAll countries are now a democracyNational governmentConstitution liberal democraciesAgentsdivisions bureaucracies courts militaryLegalduties in law actors responsibilities3 extensionsOther governing organizations provinces cantons municipalities Aboriginal GovernmentPolitical parties linked to institutions predate or born from institutionsConcrete not informal practices corruption duplicityInstitutionpeoplePositionpersonLongtermtrustrelianceShapingBenefitsopportunitiesinterests Individual BehaviourInstitutional culture Standard Operating ProceduresLogic of appropriatenessinstitutional norms President BushKatrinaLess Logic of consequencebest action for goal Sean Penn CharityCritiqueBuilt around problemsolvingRarely independentChangeproblem Behavioural ApproachInfluence psychScienticiseIndividualsinstitutionsPolitical attitudes behaviours choicesPublic opinionDecolonisation Gandhi JFKWho decides Whyinstitutional behavior role of leaders opinion makersChangeattitudes choices Structural ApproachInfluence socConfiguration of objective relationships between social groupsorganisationsGroups collectivitiesindividuals institutionsFrameworksparameters for actions and actorsSocieties produce individuals interests actionsEx CapitalismConflictstruggle equilibriumMarx Communist utopia no more inequalityMoore Why democracy Political Balance All democracies are differentChangestructures Rational ChoiceApproachInfluence ecoMethodological individualismIndividuals as rational maximisers of selfinterestWeber shoes of the decisionmakerI would what would you do For example how would you approach native concernsExplanationinterests of actorswhat do they want Goal Goalways to achieveresultanalyse thisModelprediction 2012 Nate Silver predicted everyone that got electedCollective action problempublic goods not in any ones particular interest BUT can be environmentex If you litter in the class and dont pick it upChangeinterestsChange in politics is the change in interests that people have Interpretivist ApproachInfluence philo anthro humanitiesIdeaspeople insitutionsAssumptions constructions identities meanings and valuesTraditions codes cultures narratives discoursesSystem pattern Edmund Burke would fit into this modelMental constructions ideaspolitics Hegelstates borders CanadianChangeideas meaningsChange in politicschange in ideas and meanings Changes in meaning of property and health care ComparisonEvidence test validity howWe analyse after something has happenedCant recreateReality correspondcorrespondence theory of knowledgeobjective or subjective An opinion of how the class is going so farProgressive research programmenot all approaches seek thisTruths truths vs Truths Political Small t vs big TMultiple methods most scholars use more than onePolitical commitmentleaningLiberal DemocracyLiberalInstitutionalCapitalist Oppression Marxist StructuralCritique Enlightenment Postmodernist InterpritivistResearch StrategiesHow do we find out about political systems processes and behaviorFocusCase studyComparative studyQualitative studyQuantitative studyHistorical studyVariablesDependent factor we wish to account forIndependent factor believed to influence the dependent variableCase Studies
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