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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 1020E
Charles Jones

Issues of Sovereignty o Max Weber Transnational problems problems which Population cross borders o Has to be human population Trans-sovereign problems Problems which are not solvable by one state or by state actors Resources o Economy Key: globalization o Facilitation (easier) Government o System, institutions, control o Intensity (greater impact) o Interdependence (states relying on Recognition each other rather than do alone/self: o By other states tech, autos) o Spreading immigration, disease o Most important? = Non- negotiable UN recognition (e.g., SARS) o Transferring environmental damage (e.g., buying plastics from the Why sovereignty after 1648? Chinese to transfer the burden of environmental damage) Onuf: deal with competing authority structures o Borders? drugs, sex traffic, nuke material Majestas o Institutions inspiring respect o Global organizations UN, World Bank, Russian mafia (some mafias o E.g.: monarchy, church are a part of the actual state, such as in Mexico) Potestas imperiandi o Coerce and enforce rules Sovereignty of states Westphalia 1648 o E.g.: states, kingdoms Jurisdiction o Birth of England as an actual state was 1066 o Legitimate right to make rules Stewardship Territory o Rule on behalf of citizens (Burke) o Land (air? water?) democracy? o Borders: delineated, o Ruler has to provide for their people demarcated, agreed upon by others (e.g., Saddam problems) Violence Spruyt: No political alternative to European o Legitimate use-of-force Westphalian state sovereignty (Adam Watson, actor Robert Jackson) o Rationalize resources and Interconnected, e.g., drugs economies = wealth x lifestyle x job x respect x stress x health o State economy capitalist insurance economies of scale American seniors who o One voice come to Canada for prescription drugs o Single authority make agreements, enforce rules o Contracting out selling (reliance) sovereignty? o Get rid of competing Paramilitary; mercenaries political organizations for hire; Ugandan soldiers o Papacy, ethnicity, religion, who are contracted to protect American etc. organizations (takes burden o Colonialism and tribal of guilt off American soldiers) people < outside capitalism (perhaps not outside of Christianity?) o Global economy open markets, open technologies o E.g., colonies of Russia coming together Managing financial crisis BUT return to o International agreements Performance Bonus and equal standing culture o All (European) states are equal autonomous Future of sovereignty o E.g., Germany = Liechtenstein Nostalgic fiction in the age of the global economy (states not sole powers) Ohmae o Corporations Challenges = trans-sovereign issues o NGOs 8,000 ethnicities or 191 states? state needed to manage without closing borders, etc. o Terrorists (nation-states dont exist) o Others? o Economies, flow of info, etc. Retreat of the state (states cant perform its o Require cooperation (Iraq; Af-Pak) functions) Susan Strange o Coordination: resources and o Defence of territory < outcomes (success?) developed = no threat; developing = cant stop o Economic and social issues Sudanese government cant stop the division into North and o Growth of technologies to access South government directly, check information, be informed o Currency value < floating currencies and global trade = no o Diversity of skills needed by all control actors Only China can o Increase democratic accountability control their currency o Economic development < FDI = Territorial-less sovereignty Richard Rosencrance outsiders Does not need land-control Bringing cell phones to India to Japan: influence and role in many parts of the world increase FDI o Economic management < pressure to Control of land does not guarantee sovereignty > Iraq curtail fiscal or regulatory role = laissez-faire, get state out of the way o More things change... Krasner = Increasing the gap default assumption between rich and poor o Organized hypocrisy > always under challenge o Default assumption which makes Social safety net < decrease spending a
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