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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
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Exam ReviewIdeology System of idea with histories No single right answer changeevolve over time Different formsvariants within ideologiesExist to shape social changesExplanation Evaluation Orientation Political Program 4 functions of ideologies Diagrams of triadic concepts of freedomBrian Barry on Liberal Ideas Fundamental equality of all human beings Inequality is an artifact Every doctrine should be open to critical scrutinyNo religious dogma can reasonably be held with certainty you could be wrongLiberalism Medieval Europe and the Reformation feudalism Martin Luther freedom of conscience questioning authorityLiberalism in England America and France Formed here spread all over the globeKnow why HobbesLocke came to their conclusions KNOW Hobbes Locke Paine Jefferson and the French Declaration of man and the citizen Adam Smith Moral Philosopher and economistLiberalismpro capitalist in the beginning Role of the state in Capitalism Promotes peace self reliance and is conducive to good govt but there needs to be a good govt to protect property order promote infrastructureeducation and promote interests of the poor Concerned w distributive justice Later Debates Spencers neoclassical liberalism defender of private property attack on the welfare state taxation is unjust and corruption survival of the fittest Greens Welfare Liberalism Defender of welfare Introduced by Bismarck for growing power of the working class positive freedom freedom to cooperate to achieve goals Arguing for welfare state in the name of freedomRawlswelfare liberal vs Nozick neoclassical N taxation is unjust theft BOTH agree that state should ensure everyone can pursue their chosen interestsConservatismWisdom in truth that has survived the test of time traditionalismBe skeptical about political knowledgeOrganic conception of society and the state society is livingbreathing and parts need to be taken care of
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