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PoliSci Midterm 2 MY Review notes.docx

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Political Science
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Political Science 1020E

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PoliSci Midterm 2 MY Review notesIdeologySocial action is comprehensible in terms of the thinking that underlies itoOne must see their connection to ideas like imperialism political Islam capitalism etcIdeologies system of ideas with their own histories They aim to shape social change and they have themselvesin response to historical events over timechangedAge of IdeologyBegan in 1790s ushered by French Revolution of 1789Word ideology itself coined by Destutt de TracyoIntended to mean a science of ideasIdeology contd In this course ideology means a social and political worldview that serves four functions It explains social phenomena evaluates social political and economic conditions orients individuals with the world and provides a program for political change oExplains evaluates orients program for political changeIdeology tell us why the socialpoliticaleconomic world is the way it isAs evaluative framework it explains whyhow that world is goodbadAs orienting device ideology provides individuals with an identity and political compassAs political program it offers a plan to take us towards its own conception of the good societyLiberalism First of three great ideologies of modern ageLiberals aim to promote individual libertyoAccurate but no informativeoEvery ideology favour their own interpretation of libertyBrian Barry political theorist early liberal states promoted 3 institutional recommendationso 1 religious tolerationo2 freedom of the presso3 the abolition of servile social status These recommendations were related to three ideasoNo religious dogma can reasonably be held with certaintyoEvery doctrine should be open to critical scrutinyoAll human beings are fundamentally equalLiberals view humans as rational selfinterested beings entitled to equality of opportunity and freedom to live as they chooseLiberalism Part TwoEnglish civil war 1640s and Glorious Revolution of 1688 bring constitutional monarchyJohn Locke as inspiration bring religious toleration and freedom of conscienceHobbess Leviathan is an eg of book that beings with liberal premises and ends up with antiliberal conclusionsTwo American revolutionary works oThomas Jeffersons declaration of Independence 1776oTom Paines Common Sense 1776oPaines book is an influential liberal text that supported the American RevolutionariesThe government is a necessary evil and a legitimate government must protect our natural rightsKey aspects of the Old Order in prerevolutionary FranceoLiberalism and republicanismtwin supports for French Revolution of 1789Relationship between liberalism and capitalism
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