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Political Science 1020E

Political SciencethLecture 1 Thursday 9 2014What is politicsTwo major approaches1Arena Politics takes place in a particular set of institutionsaLocus of power Binding decisionsbNot Just who gets what when and how Harold LasswellcBut alsothe authoritative allocation of value David eastwood2ProcessaPolitics is pervasivebDont need a state to have politicscThe personal is politicaldAnimals Politicsthe Real Political Animals3Both Arena and Process can be broad or narrowaArenaiNarrowly statecentred oriiInclusive of many groups and actors from local to national and transnationalbProcessiConflict and compromise everywhere and at all levels leftwich oriipolitics is the way in which free societies are governed involving reasoned deliberation aim of compromise crickCommon FeaturesScarcity InequalityConflictPowerMichael Mann The Sources of Social PoweroIdeological oEconomicoMilitaryoPoliticalDoes a particular conflictaDerive from politics or another power sourcebHave a political solution or is politics part of the problem Need to be narrow enough to find solutions political or economicPolitics as a conceptConceptsoDont describe but organize the worldoWe make themoUtility is what mattersDistinguishing the politics from other spheres enables us to explore how they effect each otherConcepts and theoriesTheories are grounded in clear conceptsConcepts are influenced by theoryDitto for analytical questionsExamplesoDemocracy Liberal Rousseauuian or MarxistoRevolutionParadigms and 255 will get you on a city busAnd they get you to deeper understanding of the sources of our questions concepts and theoriesSimplification of realityoYes butHow muchHow wellApproaches to PoliticsNormative versus empirical theoryScientific versus interpretiveStructure versus agencyOld versus new institutionsoThe changing status of the state with the disciplineEarly institutionalists embraced itBehaviourists rejected itNew institutionalists first brought it back and then extended beyond itHeywood chapter 3Point of entry The role of the state in differentiating bertween comparative politics and international relationsthTuesday 14 2013The duality of the modern state
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