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Political Science
Political Science 1020E
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Topic Liberalism pt I read Wolff 17782 BD 6492What is liberalismAll liberals aim to promote individual libertyLiberals value liberty Brian Barry 19362009 on liberal states oReligious toleration oFreedom of the press oAbolition of servile social status Everyone born into equality Brian Barry on liberal ideasoNo religious dogma can reasonably be held with certainty oEvery doctrine should be open to critical scrutiny oFundamental equality of all human beings inequality is an artifact Human Nature and freedom Rational self interested Fair compensationequal opportunityIndividuals should be free from legal barriers customs and conditions to live as they choose Medieval Europe Religious conformity Ascribed status Feudalism Challenging ascribed status Early liberals preferred achieved status Martin LutherProtestant Reformation Against church corruption Against priestly authority Tradition and ritual vs reading and doingPromote beliefs of reformers Resistance and freedom of conscienceLuther and Calvin Nonresistance Later Calvinists right to overthrow Leads to religious tolerationRevolution Liberalism in England 1 1640s English civil war 1651 Thomas Hobbes Leviathan Hobbes From liberal premises to nonliberal conclusions not a liberal in the sense of defendinga liberal state but of defending one rulerLiberalism in England 21688 Glorious revolutionConstitutional monarchyFreedom of worship for dissenters Liberalism in America 1No taxation without representationoBritish were taxing them without representation Armed rebellion then independence Liberalism in America 21776 Tom Paines Common SenseGovernment is a necessary evil Lockian ResponseLegitimate government protects our rightsLiberalism in America 3 1776 Jeffersons Declaration of Independence oAll men are created equalLiberalism and republicanism Liberalism in France 1The old orders 3 featuresoReligious conformityoAristocratic privilege oPolitical absolutism Liberalism in France 2 1789 Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen Liberalism tolerance equal opportunity constitutional governmentRepublicanism fraternity civic virtue Capitalism Liberalism and capitalism 1 Seeking economic liberty Against mercantilismoEmphasis for need on tariffs monopolies restrictions on trade Mercantilism believed intercountry competition is not a zerosum game Liberalism and capitalism 2 1714 Mandevilles Fable of the Bees
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