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Political Science
Political Science 2102A/B

Dobbin • Many corporations do not operate as good citizens o Ex. Pinto • Corporations that undermine profitability by behaving as good corporate citizens  shareholders demand change in management Money for nothing • Majority of currency traded is speculative • Focus on getting short term corporate profits can be traced to the power of financial markets • More profit can be found trading/selling speculative currency than actually investing in goods/services • More volatile currency means greater potential for profit • International bond market can yield large profits on small fluctuations in bond prices New Class of Investor • Speculative market has created a new type of investor • Corporations are always racing to make profits/as quickly as corporations that are in the speculative market • Mutual funds/pension funds are the most influential force in today’s market • money speculators have a large amount of money/power  able to take public policy hostage and shape them to meet their own wants o governments heavily affected • since all financial markets are linked  all country’s interest rates are effected by speculators influence • global economy must be stable to be successful  speculative markets based on instability Vultures that targe
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