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Political Science
Political Science 2102A/B
Vuk Radmilovic

Define ExplainTerm Suggest significanceimportanceProvide examples if relevantHistorical Context if relevantDebates if relevant1Capitalism2The Market3Profit Motive4Evolution of Capitalism 5Fordism 6Democracy 7Modern DemocracyPolyarchy 8Guardianship9Economic Growth 10Middle Class11Inequality 12Supply and Demand 13Natural Price14Market Price 15Classical liberalism 16Institutional Structure17LaissezfairePOLYARCHYDefinitionPolitical Science term used by Dhal to describe a form of government in which power is vested in three or more persons in 1956The fundamental democratic principle is that when it comes to binding collective decisions each individuals interests are considered equallyPolyarchy is a state rules by more than one person 7 Conditions of Polyarchy aElected officials the more citizens the more they are forced to delegate their powers to representative officials bFree fair and frequent elections Linking people to government cFreedom of expression without fear of being punished dAssociational Autonomy Effective inevitable participationeInclusive citizenship freedom of expression vote and access info Dahl argues that the term Polyarchy is a more accurate description than democracy when it comes to most countries we tend to call democraciesSignificance It presents a more realistic view of the function of society when it comes to the attainable ideals of democracy denote the latterStages of Polyarchy as apposed to a democratic extreme Focused on political democracy Historical
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