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Political Science
Political Science 2137
Ross Gibbons

Multilateral Environmental Agreements, Trade liberalization and Environment - Progressive conservative party  only party that supported free trade in Canada in 1988 fed. Election - 1988 Canada signed onto NAFTA under the Liberal Party - Canada is also a member of WTO - Trade harmonization will lead to a loss of Canadian sovereignty  our ability to control our own domestic policies in a variety of key policy areas ranging from culture to social programs such as health care and the environment Multilateral Environmental Agreements and Canadian Sovereignty - By the end of 1999 Canada had signed or endorsed more than 30 int. agreements but has FAILED to live up to many of the terms - Until internal and external policy authority is transformed “no effective collective environmental protection will be possible through traditional treaty making” - Global government can be protected only through collective agreements International Environmental Agreements Prior to Stockholm (1972) - Primary purpose for international agreements has been for security through military alliances (i.e. NATO) nd - BUT in the 2 half of the 21 century there have been non-military issues focused on int. trade and environmental protection - The Stockholm Conference of 1972 - First international effort to evaluate and discuss the environment in a comprehensive matter - Took place in the shadow of the cold war  boycotted by Soviet Union and Eastern Europe - The Declaration did not challenge the right of states to exploit their own resources - Creation of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) came from this conference After Stockholm - Many important treaties negotiated after the conference o Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) 1973 o Convention on the Prevention of Marine Pollu
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