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Western University
Political Science
Political Science 2211E
Adam Harmes

The Electronic Herd:  Technology, finance and information created the key elements in today’s globalization system: o Blew away the walls o Created the networks for the “Electronic Herd” and “Supermarkets” to emerge o Created new efficiencies o Lowered barriers to entry into virtually every business o Forced people to think globally first and then locally rather than vice versa  Electronic Herd: global market of anonymous stock, bond and currency traders and multinational investors connected by screens and networks o Consists of two basic groups:  “Short-horn Cattle”:  people involved in the buying and selling of stocks, bonds, and currencies around the world  can and often do move their money around on a very short-term basis  can be anyone  “Long-horn Cattle”:  Multinationals increasingly involved in foreign direct investment: building factories or subcontracting overseas factories to make or assemble their producing  Make long-term commitments  Pre-1970s Cold War System: o Government’s own monetary policy dominated the setting of its own interest rates o Government’s own fiscal policy was the dominant instrument for stimulating growth  Lift of Capital Controls in 1970s: o Democratization of finance, technology and information o End of the cold war system and fall of wall everywhere o Private sector became dominant in the global financial system o Emergence of supermarkets  Supermarket = mega markets of exchanges (i.e. NYSE)  Modern market: o One global market where no one is in charge o Means of economic growth at an idealized speed is by tapping into the global exchange markets o Responds to good governance and good economic management The Short-Horn Cattle:  Anyone can invest in an incredibly diverse financial products o Fall of capital control marked the rise of having everything for sale as stocks, bonds or derivatives  Almost anything can be turned into a bond  Opened up trillions of dollars’ worth of assets o Rise in average joe investors:  Mom and pops are investors  Locals in every country could invest  People are fooled into thinking that every market operate the same as Wall Street o Poor countries with large investment needs are no longer worried by lack of capital  Anyone can seek investment opportunity that offer the highest returns around the world  Edge in competition and ability to seize opportunity before everyone else shrinks o Investment bankers would gain edge by tracking weather reports and its impact on the market o Extra edge needs to be accompanied by larger bets:  Fund managers employing exotic trading products: options, derivatives, futures etc.  Leveraging trading products in order to expand each of their bets  Result: lose big and win big  Whole brokerage houses bought down by the bets of a single broker using leverage  Emergence of Hedge Funds: o Large pools of cash from wealthy individuals and institutions are gathered  Pool of wea
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